Class Rooms.

Our College has Multimedia classrooms with OHP , LCD and Interactive White Board Facilities.

Computer Lab.

To enable to student teachers develop interest and appreciate various pedagogical principle in teaching computer science, our computer science lab is equipped with 50 computers . The students also develop skills in preparing and using computer assisted instruction programmes. The lab has printing facility and internet connectivity. The students identify websites relating to the school curriculum.

Information and Communication Technology Resource Centre

We create awareness among prospective teachers about Information and Communication Technology and its use in teaching learning process. Information and Communication Technology Resource Centre is equipped with smart board,overhead Projector, LCD Projector, Tape recorder, Television, camera and computers.

Science Lab (Physical Science & Biological Science)

  1. • The Pupil acquires knowledge of scientific Laws, Experiments, facts and ideas.
  2. • To develop scientific aptitude and research nature.
  3. • The Pupil acquires knowledge of plant and animal scientific names, facts, concepts and principle.
  4. • The develop interest, scientific attitude and appreciate nature.

Cultural Activities and Art and Craft

Cultural activity and art and craft education are placed on equal footing with other disciplines for a balanced development of the student. Awareness is also created among the students to promote, understand and appreciate the Indian art and culture. Student Teachers also participate in inter collegiate competitions to exhibit their talents .


The Library is kept open from 9.0 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.

  • 1.Strict silence should be maintained in the Library.
  • 2.Students are not allowed to bring any printed matter or files inside the Library.
  • 3.Maximum of three books will be issued to the students.
  • 4.Issued books should be return or renew after one week.
  • 5.Books must not be marked or damaged in any manner.
  • 6.Students shall examine each book before borrowing and immediately report any damage, to the Librarian.
  • 7.Reference books and periodicals should be used in the library only.
  • 8.No transfer or Conduct Certificate shall be issued to a student until the books have been returned and any dues outstanding are settled.
  • 9.A fine of Rs. 2 per day is imposed on every student for delaying in returning the books. Incase of loss, double the cost of book in addition to the fine for the number of days delayed will be collected.

  • Transport

    Transports are available.

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