Tasks and Assignments that run through all the courses as indicated
in the year wise distribution of syllabus.

School Internship

Courses on Enhancing Professional Capacities (EPC)

  • I. Course EPC 1 : Reading and Reflecting on Texts (1/2 Course)
  • II. Course EPC 2 : Drama and Art in Education (1/2 Course)
  • III. Course EPC 3 : Critical Understanding of ICT (1/2 Course)
  • IV. Course EPC 4 : Understanding the Self (1/2 Course)

    Self-awareness and Personality Development-to enhance their Self concept
  1. Spoken English
  2. Citizenship Camp-5 day
  3. Resume preparation
  4. Power point teaching
  5. Screening documentary CDS
  6. Computer learning8. Enrichment programme for Non-Teaching Staff.
  7. Continuous assessments of classroom teaching, practical work and extra co-activities.
  8. Continuous Internal and external evaluation on the basis of feedback, students and peer group.
  9. Micro, Macro teaching assignment, Seminar computer learning.
  10. Fulfill the suggestions of different committee’s
  11. Periodical guest lecturers
  12. Special attention for first generation learners.
  13. Discussion about the Sensitive topics pertaining to women and girls.
  14. Website formation.
  15. Take care of the suggestions given by Alumni Association, Placement Cell and grievance cell.
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